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Why Join Powai Labs?

The differentiation for successful companies will be based on the consistent excellence in the level of their technology research, innovative, service provided to clients and the ability to reach its client and this is possible by having high quality employees enabling this.

This makes people the main asset; this is what we believe at Powai Labs. This makes us attract, develop, and retain the best-qualified workforce in the industry

Some key rewards of being at Powai Labs, apart from competitive salaries and Stock Option:

We provide in-house training to both experienced and fresher’s. We take people in Technical, Business roles and roles between them like HR, Accounts, Field Application Engineers etc. We constantly invest in training people and nurturing their aptitude, so that everyone at Powai Labs is able to unleash his/her creative best.

Not only the above, to connect you to yourself, everyone at Powai Labs is entitled to a 12 day paid leave to attend Vipassana meditation course;

Everyone is in love with what she/he does at Powai Labs. Forget what you know about corporate life. Life is different here. Ours is an atmosphere of team spirit, freedom and fun. We strive to provide an environment that is stimulating with high levels of motivation, empowerment, and recognition, removing obstacles that hinder creativity.

Innovation is rewarded. And individual talent and enthusiasm can be taken, quite literally, to the ends of the earth.

Learning is paramount. We ensure you never stop learning or growing at Powai Labs. A reliable, relevant and timely training on all aspects of your careers is a given. We encourage you to grow at your own pace, explore new areas and enhance your knowledge.

One has a Voice
We don't believe in hierarchy. Each teammate is just as important. We ensure every person has a say in how this company is run because the best ideas come from everywhere.

We never forget that our success hinges on people. Qualified candidates from all walks of life are welcomed at Powai Labs. We provide the impetus that inspires you.

We encourage entrepreneurial qualities and "thinking out of the box". We provide options and flexibility so that you can choose a career path in line with your competence and preference.

Powai Lab team relaxing after work